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Happy Friday, lovelies! The sun is shining, my coffee is lukewarm, & I've had more than 5 hours of sleep. Life is fantastic. Ever since we had children (two beautiful boys, Malachi, 2.5, & Ephraim, 11 months), my standards for what makes a day wonderful have gotten a bit lower. Now, this may sound like a bad thing, but in all honesty it makes for the smallest things becoming a game changer for the day. Hot coffee is an elusive pipe dream, but on the days it happens, I'm on cloud nine. Showers? Getting dressed? Blow drying my hair? Doing my make up? Getting up after 6:00 am? Someday those will all be realities, but for now, I'll just take a hot coffee. With absolutely no complaints. Hi, I'm Anj, & I'm the face behind Lav & Lime Photo, a fine art photography studio specializing in children & their families. Here's my two favorite boys in the whole world & why I do what I do.

Malachi & Ephraim

Malachi & Ephraim

I love children. I love deciphering their quirks, hearing them giggle, listening to their stories while marveling at their imagination & yes, I love them even when they're throwing tantrums & being terrible, because it teaches me something about the way they're wired. The caveat? I appreciate these qualities all the more when they're not my own children. Parenting is hard. That's it. There are days where it feels like the minutes are ticking by too slowly, my patience is wearing thin, & I have nothing left. And then there are days that surpass everything I imagined in the most joyful way, & it's a reminder to take a big breath & snuggle a little extra while things are good. Throughout all of those big feelings, there's a child coming into his/her own, learning something new everyday, becoming more & more special, & trying so hard to find who they are. I want to tell their story for you & with you. 

I want to hear you tell me how wonderful they are & why, what their favorite foods are, what they love to play with, what frustrates them, what makes them giggle, what makes them laugh so hard they can't breathe, & together with you create beautiful works of art. Your child is a work of art. Your family is a work of art. 

I want your walls adorned with portraits of your children & family, reminding you all of how beautiful you are, how important your relationships are, & how much you value each other. On particularly rough days, when all of us are crying at different moments, it truly does give me perspective to look up at lunch time & see our boys' newborn portraits hanging on the wall. It reminds me of their innocence & beautiful beginning. While cleaning up the chaos of toys after a long day, I can look up & see a portrait of Mal pushing Ephy in a grocery cart. It reminds me of their sweet love for each other & makes my heart soften. I love walking up the stairs & seeing a portrait of our family playing in the leaves in front of our house with real, beaming smiles. It makes me think of moving back to Des Moines, finding this beautiful home & property, & how far we've come since then. Portraits are those tangible time-outs that help lift you up on dreary days or make an already amazing day that much sweeter.

All right, friends, it's time for a second cup of coffee, Josh Garrels on Spotify & some Friday snuggles from two sweet boys. 

Much love,


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