Sunday Musings & Studio Prep

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday! We've had 3 days of sunshine, warm weather, birds chirping, & so much teething. Yes, we are teething. I say "we" because Ephraim teething = equal amounts of crying & sleeplessness for Mama. I was laughing at something ridiculous that came out of my almost 3 year old's mouth this morning & couldn't figure out whether it was actually funny or I was just delirious. As depressing as this stage started out for me, especially after having a firstborn that slept more when teething, I've quickly realized that I'm still in charge. I'm still in charge of my reaction to no sleep. Lack of sleep can & is a game changer. It heightens emotions, can make you feel slightly lackluster, & has this annoying habit of giving you a weird constant headache. However, I can still choose joy and that has power. Ephy doesn't sleep well but the snuggles are out of this world, & I can make him feel better. It also means that it's easier to convince my husband to get me latte's, and to sleep in, or sleep at all, in the morning. I also feel like I really earn my naps & down time, because I am killing this parenting thing all night. So that's our life. 

On a studio note, things are coming together to get the studio ready for you all to book your Spring sessions! Our Creative Collaboration/Art Ordering Appointment room is finished & awaiting a projector for viewing your lovely images, & the studio is spotless in anticipation of all the Storytelling Sessions that will mess it up in the most beautiful way. I can't wait to get started & tell your stories, being creative together is such a joy. 

Have a lovely start to your week, & enjoy this gorgeous weather!

Much Love,


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