telling your story

creative collaboration

Telling your story requires that I get the opportunity to hear your story.  This is my favorite part. We get to sit together over a cup of coffee and freshly baked cookies and just talk. We'll talk about your vision, why you're here, and how we can work together. Creating artwork of your children and family is a collaboration between you and me.  Yes, I have ideas, but this isn't only about me taking your portrait, it's about capturing those exquisite details that make your children and family who they are. I want to know about your sense of style, what makes your little ones special, your hopes and dreams for them, and their likes and dislikes. Together, we'll design a custom set and make sure you go home with a one-of-a-kind finished work of art that truly embodies your family that will be displayed for years to come.

capturing your story

The actual session portion of telling your story is planned out at our Creative Collaboration; at which time we'll also discuss ideal times for the session and details such as how long the session will take, clothing ideas, and how to best prepare your children and family to be photographed. Lav & Lime has both an indoor studio as well as sits on an acre of tree-covered land that is absolutely gorgeous for photographing. Because I love to incorporate set design into your story-telling experience, having the space to do so simply adds to the creative magic that can happen. The studio is a home studio, so you will occasionally see my little ones and a bit of our personal space, but I think it's wonderful that you get a glimpse into our lives since you're letting me into yours.  Capturing Your Story is a wonderful experience, and people, it's FUN. We'll be silly, a little bit crazy, and your children will go home happy and wishing they could be photographed every day. 


art selection

Following your session, we'll sit down together to view the images and talk about how to best display your artwork. There are several directions to go with wall art and that can be daunting, but at our Creative Collaboration consultation we'll talk about what L&L products you like and why, what will compliment your home, and what fits best with your sense of style. The Art Selection portion is about finalizing your product selections and choosing what images will become your family portraits. Using a projector and photos you take of your home, we actually get to see what the finished product will look like in your space.  It's important to me that you go home with a tangible work of art that gives you a daily reminder of the joy that surrounds you, so you will have the opportunity to see a variety of unique product samples that will fit your home and best show off your images.